Level Creek Property Restoration Q&A

Can I do my own (flooring, painting, plumbing, etc.) and save some of the insurance money?

Level Creek works for the RCV total in order to run an efficient business, putting in place the people and tools that have built the quality reputation we have. If the property owners want to complete parts of the job themselves, this may affect our ability.


Do I have to use Level Creek?

If there are not policy or mortgage requirements, you can choose to work with anyone you want to. We hope you will choose Level Creek because of our quality, values, service, and reputation. Be careful with contractors offering lowball estimates. They might not be reputable or they may not be insured for liability or workers' compensation. They may even neglect some hidden damage that the insurance company provided for in its higher estimate.


How long is this going to take?

Because each case is different, this is a tough question to answer. Codes, permits, approvals, sub-contractors, materials, and schedules all play a part in it. What we can tell you is that it is in the best interest of both the property owner and of Level Creek to be as quick as we are able with the repairs. We both have the same goal of putting this disaster behind us, as efficiently as possible. We will try our best to present clear, concise timelines for repairs before we begin and to inform you every step of the way if there are deviations from the schedule.

How much is this going to cost?

If you are not filing an insurance claim, the cost will depend entirely on the materials you choose to use. We can recommend materials based on our experience but you are free to choose the budget you are comfortable with. 

To get the job done efficiently and to meet the standards of our 5-year warranty, we must be the general contractor on the whole job, for the whole RCV. 

If you are filing an insurance claim, then no matter the size of repairs, your only cost will only be the full amount of your deductible, plus any out of scope additions or change orders you request. This amount will be collected when the work authorization is signed or the day work is scheduled to begin. Level Creek will work with your insurance adjuster to agree on a scope of work and replacement cost value (RCV) that will return the property to "pre-loss condition". If you choose us to complete the repairs, Level Creek agrees to perform the work for the total RCV (no more and no less). To get the job done efficiently and to meet the standards of our 5-year warranty, we must be the general contractor on the whole job, for the whole RCV.

Once insurance pays me, do I have to get it repaired?

This depends. There could be policies in place per the mortgage or per the insurance policy that the property must be in the same state of quality (or better) as it was when the policy was written. If so, then it is your obligation to return the property to pre-loss conditions. There are also some policies in place per mortgage companies that require a licensed contractor to complete the repairs. In any case, if there is an insurance payout, the carrier has a right to request receipts to substantiate the payout they make for repairs.

One thing to consider if you don't repair is that if in the next few years you have a new issue that causes another insurance claim, they may decide not to cover it because they already paid you to repair the property, and it is your fault that it wasn't. That might also mean they don't pay you for the stuff that is damaged because of the "new" problem.

The damage is done...now what?

Initially, you will want to decide if your property damage warrants an insurance claim. This is a personal decision you must make as the insured property owner, but it can have lasting effects after you decide. Frivolous claims can lead to higher premiums down the road and trying to manage time and cost-sensitive construction projects by yourself can lead to lost time and money.



When will people be here working?

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule with our repair schedules. On big jobs spanning many days or weeks, we sometimes use lockboxes, like real estate agents do, so that we can get our teams in and out as efficiently as possible without having to disrupt your schedule. Organizing tradesmen and repair teams sometimes have its challenges. If you do not see people working every day at your home or business, it's most likely due to the nature of subcontractor schedules and unexpected incidents in the life of construction. Sometimes people's schedules will change or we may be waiting on materials or permits. We will always do our best to communicate what is scheduled so that you will be informed throughout the process.

Who do I call if I have questions?

We believe the key to any successful project is communication. That is why we dedicate a Project Manager to your job, not just to oversee and coordinate the various trades it will take to get you back on track quickly, but to serve the main conduit for timely, accurate information. We ask that you try to direct your questions and answers through your project manager only; they are available to you anytime you might have questions or comment via phone, text, or email. Should you have difficulty reaching your PM, please contact our office and our team will ensure your PM receives the message.

Just as we've designated a main point of contact for you, we need to know who to go to when we have questions as well. 

Should it be you, your tenant, your spouse, etc. - you tell us! Talk it over as much as you like, but make sure you've got someone designated to give us a final answer.

Who is going to pay for this?

If you decide to handle the repairs without filing an insurance claim, Level Creek can give you an estimate on repairs. We use Xactimate estimating software, which is the same software major insurance carriers use. Because we use the same software as insurance carriers you can trust that the pricing we offer is in line with the best pricing policies, and is verified by the insurance industry regularly. 

If you decide to file an insurance claim and it is honored by your carrier, then your insurance will pay us for the repairs and the only financial responsibility you are responsible for is the full amount of your deductible. 


Who will be on my property?

During times of scheduled repairs, Level Creek employees, and qualified subcontractors will be on the job site. Level Creek wants you to know that we care about your comfort and want you to know that all our staff have undergone competency testing, personality evaluations, background checks, drug screening, and ongoing training. Our subcontractors are selected with great care on reputation, quality, and compliancy. That's the least we can do if you count on us to lead our team and your project.

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