HVAC Condensate Drain Pan Overflowed

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 by Robert Rowe

HVAC Drain Pan

If you suddenly have water coming from your attic and don't know why, or you notice standing water in your air conditioner’s drain pan, this could lead to costly repairs. There are several reasons which may be the cause this problem. You should be inspecting your HVAC unit and be replacing the filters on a regular basis several times a year. If you do discover standing water in the drain pan check for the following conditions and arrange an HVAC Professional to inspect and recommend any needed repairs.

The Drain Pipe Is Clogged
Most often the  drain pipe is simply clogged, either from dust and other debris or microbial build up in the pipe. It is also possible for the drain pipe to have become separated or broken.

Your System Wasn’t Installed Properly
Your air conditioner wasn’t installed properly, the drain pan may be angled in the wrong direction allowing water to pool. The drain location should be on the lowest area of the drain pan. The drain pan should also be properly supported usually by straps or it may sag over time especially if it holds standing water

The Evaporator Coil Is Frozen
A frozen evaporator coil can lead to dripping water, this may happen when you have several dasys which are hotter than normal. Your HVAC unit may be leaking or otherwise low on refrigerant and not cooling efficiently.

You should not ignore these conditions, they will not fix themselves and could lead to costly repairs and a real mess, especially if your HVAC unit is in the attic of your home. When in doubt seek a Service Professional.

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