Water Heater Failure and how to avoid it.

Sunday, July 26th, 2020 by Robert Rowe


Water Heater

How long does a typical water heater last before it needs to be replaced? According to most plumbers and other experts, the average life of a water heater is between 8-12 years. This varies due to many factors including the quality of the supplied water to the unit mineral content and concentration and other factors.

If your water heater has rusty deposits on the outside of it or the expansion tank, or is no longer heating water efficiently it is probably time to have it checked.

It is suggested that you can possibly extend the life of your water heater by draining it several times per year to help drain out any sediment/mineral buildup. While draining observe the water coming out of it for signs of rust or discoloration, this is a warning sign. Check all plumbing connections for signs of leaking or discoloration.

When in doubt, call an expert the peace of mind is probably worth the service call. The worst news the professional can give you is that your water heater needs to be replaced soon. The service call charge will be a LOT less than if you just let it go until it fails and floods your house, especially if your water heater is located on the second floor, attic, or over a finished basement. 50 gallons of water and water conituing to run over a weekend away can cause a LOT of damage to your home.

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