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Content Cleaning And Restoration in Gwinnett County Georgia

We provide content cleaning and restoration in Gwinnett County Georgia.

content cleaning and restoration   Georgia Gwinnett County

After a flood or fire, building contents can suffer extensive damage from water or smoke, ash and soot. We offer as many services necessary to prevent loss of personal and business property due to flooding or fire.

In cooperation with you and your insurance company, the first thing we do is assess contents damage. If structural damage is minimal and the building can be secured, we restore and deodorize the contents on site. If the building needs extensive repair, we carefully inventory and hand pack your belongings and provide you with an itemized inventory list. The packed items are transported to our secure facility for restoration and/or cleaning. Our technicians utilize industry leading ultrasonic equipment, hand cleaning, polishing, and deodorizing of your belongings. When the process is completed, your personal items will be restored to a pre-loss condition. Once the building is restored, the contents are returned to your building or residence. From start to finish, all work is quickly and efficiently completed.

For content cleaning and restoration in Gwinnett County Georgia, call Level Creek Property Restoration 866-296-5374.